Knee injuries of cruciate ligaments, meniscus or kneecap are common ailments, especially among those physically active. Knee-joint is injured when its structures are exposed to load exceeding its physiological strength.

Knee injury generally occurs during sport training, that is why the most exposed to knee issues are the physically active.

Knee-joint is a joint that connects thighbone, tibial bone and kneecap, forming tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joints. There are two ligaments in a knee, which adjust their joint areas to one another during movement. A joint is strengthened with external and internal ligaments. After an ankle, a knee-joint is the second most overloaded joint in human’s body.

The most frequently damaged part of a knee is meniscus, which is responsible for shock-absorption, among other functions. Also, knee-stabilising ligaments and kneecaps are frequently injured. Joint dislocation, cartilage damage, inflammation and tendon rupture are also common.

Example procedures conducted in the Carolina Medical Center within a knee and a thigh:

  • arthroscopy of a knee-joint (aka knee arthroscopy), Atlas implants
  • arthroscopy of a knee-joint, meniscus repair, Atlas implants
  • arthroscopy of a knee-joint with/without meniscus repair, Baker’s cyst removal, synovectomy, OCD
  • arthroscopy of a knee, knee-joint
  • sewing of tibial collateral ligament (TCL)
  • arthroscopic transplant of a meniscus
  • arthroscopic reconstruction of the ACL – simple, complex (including meniscus sewing, meniscus transplant, reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament, elevation of intra-articular fracture)
  • arthroscopic reconstruction of the PCL, including reconstruction of the posterolateral ligamentous complex
  • multiligamentous reconstructions
  • knee-joint arthroscopy – medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL), cartilage replantation + MPFL, protuberance medialization of the tibial bone, +MPFL + cartilage reparation
  • knee-joint arthroscopy with the osteotomy of the tibial and thighbone
  • setting up 8-plate, 2 x 8-plate
  • kneecap ligament-plasty (jumper’s knee)
  • reinsertion of a muscle surrounding a knee
  • lengthening of a limb at thigh-level – monotube, TSF
  • kneecap fracture – using bolts or girth under arthroscopic control
  • the core of the tibial/thighbone fracture – intramedullary nailing, TEN, plate, bolts
  • full endoprosthesis of a knee-joint
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